• Do you see other people getting paid to wear or promote products and wonder, why not me?

  • Have you been stuck at the same number of followers, likes and comments on Instagram forever even though you’ve tried everything?

  • Has your engagement dramatically decreased since the algorithm shift and you’re looking for new ways to drive more traffic to your posts?

  • Have you tried online courses in the past but they failed to give you REAL actionable advice and REAL results?


Part One: Organically grow your Instagram following to 10k and beyond

Part Two: Curate or create content that engages your target audience

Part Three: Attract massive business as a macro or micro Influencer in your niche

  • Influencer marketing tips you might not be taking advantage of that will accelerate your growth every single time

  • How to define your target audience so that you can create the best performing campaigns for sponsors

  • The free apps and tools I use to organize and preview my content before I post

  • The fastest route from 0 to100k followers regardless of the Instagram algorithm

  • How you can use hashtags and geo-tags to get your posts discovered on the explore page

  • The 3 different type of 'aesthetics’ I use that keeps people scrolling through my content

  • 3 IG features that will help you curate a month’s worth of content on the go!

  • How you can use Instagram Insights to tweak your content strategy and increase engagement

  • How to find sponsors and attract major business from brands and influencers

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I went from working the sales floor at Forever 21 to working with countless fashion brands and other influencers around the world who are excited to pay my rates!


When you're constantly stressing about not being able to afford things or pay your bills it's time to hit the drawing board and design your life.

Where do I begin!? Briea has the best ADVICE, CONTENT, & ENCOURAGEMENT to go along with everything she’s teaching you. She makes everything you think could be difficult to accomplish, SIMPLE! Her mind is like a bottomless pit full of soo much information. There’s never a question that goes unanswered. Briea has been with me every step of the way of growing my IG page from 100 followers to almost 30 THOUSAND followers!
— Che Deans, @injoimi
I was only able to grow my sneaker account to 43k followers after watching Briea’s videos. Now I can fund my business with sponsored posts and promote my products to an engaged audience!
— Lawrence Brown, @gentlemengrid

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Thee Fashion Mogul
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  • You want to multiply your audience on Instagram  

  • You're already killing it on the gram but you want to take it to the next level (monetization)

  • You want to create multiple streams of income to support the lifestyle you dream about


Access my coaching group the moment you sign up!

  • daily motivational tips to keep you going

  • video tutorials + walkthroughs with exact steps

  • a support group of 100+ like-minded creatives