What Brands Want From You In Exchange For Their Money (Sponsorships)


Growing a huge following on Instagram means big bucks now. Influencer marketing is disrupting the way brands reach a new audience. Regular people are making a living off of sponsored posts. 

Reach and engagement are the two most important metrics of any marketing campaign. 

Reach is a measure of your potential audience size. It’s the number of people who viewed a specific post.

Engagement is whenever someone likes or comments on your post. 

Brands want to see that you receive a high level of reach and engagement in response to your content. They will pay your rate in order to get in front of your audience. 


According to Mediakix, influencer marketing is expected to grow to a $5 – $10 billion market by 2020.

Here’s a break down of the numbers (on average) based on what I’m looking for when I’m searching for Influencers and Inspo accounts to pay for promotions on Instagram.

20k followers = 500+ likes and 1+ comment per post

50k followers = 700+ likes and 3+ comments per post

100k followers = 1,000+ likes and 5+ comments per post

200k followers = 2,000+ likes and 10+ comments per post

500k followers = 5,000+ likes and 20+ comments per post

1 M followers = 10,000+ likes and 100+ comments

If you’re anywhere in between these numbers you’re definitely eligible to get paid for posts. 

These numbers won’t be the same for everyone and this is honestly the bare minimum for me. The engagement needs to be AT LEAST this amount on average in order to convince me that I will get a good return on my investment.


There’s three questions I ask myself:

  1. Do you have at least 10 times more followers than me?

  2. Will a mention from you bring me likes, follows, comments or a combination of all three?

  3. Is your audience similar to mine?

Brands and companies want to know are you able to INFLUENCE your audience to click on their profile and engage with them?

This means that you MUST focus on creating high quality content and getting your numbers way up. 

It won’t happen overnight but if you spend at least an 1-2 hours every day growing your account using the right strategies eventually things will gain momentum on its own and you won’t have to work as hard. 

It’s just putting your mind to work really because you aren’t doing anything that requires physical work. You can do this from anywhere at any time just being on your phone.


Then the inquiries start rolling in and it’s time to determine what rates you’re going to charge for your services. 

Then the payment notifications start popping up on your phone multiple times throughout the day.

Just know that you have to be willing to put in the work up front. It can be time consuming if you’re obsessed like me. 

It’s fun at the same time because you are essentially just curating content that interests you all day. It’s your own little world. It’s your creation.

If you build it, they will come!