Start Getting Paid to Post on Instagram


The purpose of social media is to connect with people. Connecting with 100k+ people can lead to an abundant amount of opportunities. One of them being a way to create positive cash flow by creating sponsored posts for other brands and businesses.

Depending on the amount of followers and engagement (anywhere from 20k-100k followers) and the type of account you have (inspo or personal) it's possible that you could start getting paid to post content on your Instagram app!

How to Know if You Should Start Getting Paid to Promote Online Businesses and Influencers:

  1. If you often get DM or e-mail inquiries about promotions, features or shout outs.
  2. If you have an authentic Instagram following and people engage with your content.

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How to Attract Business If You Aren't Receiving Inquiries:

  1. Put "DM us for features" or "For promotion inquiries, contact us" in your bio.
  2. Create a text post announcing to your followers that promotions are available (see example below)
  3. If you're a personal brand and not an inspo account, create a "sponsored" post with you wearing or using a company's product. Tag the product in your post. If you're an Inspo account, simply "shout out" a business such as clothing boutique or hair company like it's a real ADVERTISEMENT. 
  4. Even if you didn't get paid to post these promotions initially, it starts letting other brands see that you're bringing a lot of value to the business or person you're shouting out.
  5. People will begin to think, "Hmmm, I wonder how I can get featured on this person's account!?"

How the feature transaction works:

  1. Someone DMs or e-mails you inquiring about your promotion rates.
  2. You respond with your rates and method of accepting payments.
  3. You send an invoice to the client requesting the payment.
  4. Choose one of their photos/videos to post and a caption OR you can allow the client to send you their preferred photos + captions.
  5. After you receive payment, create the post!
  6. Done.

A typical scenario will look like this: 

Business: "I would love for you to wear my clothing on your IG page. How much are your promotion rates?"

You: "It's 30 USD for a 24 hour post"

Business: "I am interested. Do You accept PayPal?"

You: "Yes. What is your e-mail address? I will send you an invoice?"

Business: *sends e-mail address*

You: *sends invoice to business*

Business: *submits payment, photo and caption*

You: *receives payment, posts photo*

Both parties involved mutually benefit! The business gains more exposure and you get paid to create a post on Instagram. You're on Instagram all of the time anyway so you might as well get paid for it. 

No shipping, no physical labor, all profit. It's a win, win for everyone. I make money every day doing this, so can you!


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