Create An Inspo Account Before Launching A Business


This blog post is for the person figuring out where to even start when creating a business. You may not have a specific business plan yet or you don't have an audience to market your business to. Or you may not want to become an influencer personally. Not everyone is comfortable with showcasing themselves or documenting their lifestyle. This is the perfect time to create an 'inspo' (inspiration) page on Instagram. This is how I got my start in the Instagram business.

First you have to find out what your current interests are and some potential business ideas that could develop from those interests. 

For example, I have an interest in fashion so when I first created @fabfashionkillas I only posted outfit inspiration content that I would find on Tumblr, Pinterest, WeHeartIt or other Instagram pages. I knew that by building an audience that was interested in fashion I could potentially sell clothes and accessories to that audience. You see how this works?

L'opera de la Bastille (behind me)

L'opera de la Bastille (behind me)

The problem with most online business owners is that they put so much time and effort into creating a great website and product but they don't have anyone to market to. This is why those businesses have a hard time attracting clients and making sales because they didn't put in the time to create an audience that they can market to for free. Instead they will spend hundreds and thousands on advertising to play catch up on the back end.

When I would post a dope outfit inspiration photo on Instagram my followers would ask me "where can I buy this?!" which let me know that I had followers that had a passion for fashion and that were willing to spend money on what they saw me post! The problem was that I wasn't selling anything lol. So I found wholesale vendors, created a website and started selling clothes and accessories. The moment I launched my online store I had orders in a matter of minutes!

If I didn't put in the work to grow my social media and build my brand loyalty, my clothing business wouldn't have made over $20,000 within a year. Whatever money I used on paid promotions and shout outs to grow my following, I made it right back. The investment is worth it!

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France

The Louvre Pyramid in Paris, France

Here are 9 inspo + Business ideas:

  1. Outfit Inspiration = Stylist, personal Shopper, e-Commerce store (clothing/accessories/shoes), youtube (haul/reviews), blog, affiliate marketing

  2. Make Up Inspiration = MUA (Make Up Artist), e-Commerce store (make up products), youtube (tutorials/tips/haul), blog, affiliate marketing

  3. Hair Inspiration = Hair stylist, e-Commerce store (sell hair weave/wigs, hair care products), YouTube (tutorials/tips), blog, affiliate marketing

  4. Nail Inspiration = Nail Polish, nail care products, nail technician, nail salon, blog, affiliate marketing

  5. Yoga Inspiration = Yoga mats, active wear, yoga instructor, blog, affiliate marketing

  6. Travel Inspiration = Travel club, blog, affiliate marketing

  7. Spiritual/Wellness Inspiration = Crystals, sage, tea, incense, candles, blog, affiliate marketing

  8. Food Inspiration = recipe blog/book, personal chef, food truck, restaurant

  9. Fitness Inspiration = meal plans, fitness challenges, personal trainer, blog, affiliate marketing

  10. Luxury/Designer = Consignment, jewelry

  11. Home Inspiration = Interior designer